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Free photoshop tutorial how to use vector mask and alter an image using photoshop.

[1]- First of all take any new image.

[2]- Now right click on this layer1
and select the Duplicate layer

[3]- Press the Ctrl+T and right click than
click on Filp Horizontal now press the
Enter key on your key board

[4]- Here Redeuse opacity 50%
to this layer1 copy .

[5]- Click on this icon ' Adjustment Layer'
which is appearing below by hand after
that select the Hue/Saturation and
use the settings below .

[6]- Now select the Layer1 and
click on 'Adjustment layer' and
now select the 'Level' and
use the settings below

[7]- Now click on 'Add vector mask'
after that click on 'Adjustment layer'
and select the Hue/Seturation . now
use the following settins, look third image

[8]- Your image should be look like this

[9]- Now select the Background layer
and fill the Black color and this is your
final image.

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